Latest Extensions

Latest Extensions

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  1. This plugin is for Joomla developers. The plugin registers Swiper.js package ( in Joomla Web Assets Manager. Then you can use it in your extensions.
    Plugin for Joomla developers. It allows you to use Swiper.js anywhere in Joomla 4: in modules, components, plugins.

    To do this in your code, use
    $wa = Factory::getApplication()->getDocument()->getWebAssetManager();

    At the moment, only the swiper-bundle is connected with this plugin.

  2. The plugin adds a new type of custom field for Joomla 4 - Yandex.Maps. It allows you to display the label on Yandex Maps in those extensions that support custom fields in Joomla 4. PLugin is free.

  3. Phoca Cart View - Google Conversion Tracking Plugin - plugin that inserts Google conversion tracking code into the website.

  4. Phoca Cart Shipping - Shipping Zasilkovna Plugin - shipping method for Phoca Cart component.

  5. Phoca Cart View - Conversion Tracking Plugin - plugin that adds the conversion tracking code when the order is successfully completed in Phoca Cart

  6. News Display module it allowed to build pages with news in many awesome styles. It displays joomla content in many unique layouts.

    Article settings

    Select Category
    Child Category Articles
    Category Depth
    Tag Filter
    Featured Articles
    Article Field to Order By
    Ordering Direction
    Open Link
    Category Title
    Item Title
    Title Max length
    Description display
    Description Max length
    Date display
    Date format
    Show Read More
    Images settings
    From Image Intro - Yes / No
    From Image Full text - Yes / No
    From Inline Intro text - Yes / No
    From Inline Full text - Yes / No
    Order to Get
    Resize Mode
    Image Width
    Image Height

    Styles settings

    Style - Default, style1, slider, slider1, slider2, ticker, ticker1
    Custom color
    Slides Per View - only for slider1, slider2, ticker, ticker1
    Slider height
    Auto play Speed
    Slider Speed
    Show arrows - Yes/No
    Load Jquery - Yes/No
    Load bootstrap - Yes/No
  7. This plugin allows product variants to have different tax rates.
    E.G. child (small?) clothing product sizes may have a different tax rate to adult (large?) sizes.

    * Hikashop custom field on product table.

  8. Age Verification Popup is a widget that asks website visitors to confirm their age before they start browsing.

  9. A creative menu system that expands and collapses menu items with smooth CSS3 powered transitions. You can see many predefined animations for the menu. The transitions are optimized for mobile devices also for higher user experience.

    The Menu is an all-in-one solution, as it have 4 different navigation layouts:

    • Static mode
    • Popup mode
    • Sticky mode (Left sidebar, Right sidebar)
    • Overlay mode

    Each layouts can be shown in 3 different menu types:

    • Slide menu
    • Fly-out menu
    • Accordion(include Expanded) menu

    Browser support

    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Safari
    • Opera
    • Internet Explorer 10+
  10. A pure JavaScript based responsive accordion slider that allows you to horizontally expands the images on mouse click or hover. It is compatible with mobile, responsive design (adaptive width) and you can easy to opening with your fingers on your mobile. You can easily manage the slides with a Drag & Drop interface.


    ❖ Responsive and friendly to any mobile devices
    ❖ Ability to use articles from joomla content categories or articles ID’s
    ❖ 8+ Design skins and supports ability to create new skins
    ❖ Add & Remove item from Back-end
    ❖ Lightweight, Fast and Robust
    ❖ Can specify speed, direction, size, styles and many other parameters
    ❖ Comfortable to use multiple instances of the module on a page with module ID generated automatically
    ❖ SEO friendly & optimized for speed
    ❖ Unlimited Color and Styling options
    ❖ Easy and friendly administration
    ❖ Possibility to display module within article content using loadposition plugin
    ❖ Draggable items for easy sorting
    ❖ Highly customized for User Experience
    ❖ Supports auto-play mode
    ❖ Used native JavaScript: No framework required
    ❖ Fully compatible: Firefox, IE10+, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome

  11. Web Accessibility Solution with Skynet Technologies USA LLC.
    All in One Accessibility developed specifically to provide business owners of any size an affordable yet comprehensive accessibility solution. It's UI Options provides accessibility options for users to Adjust Font Sizing, Adjust Line Height, High Contrast, Hide Images (Text only), Accessibility Statement, Dynamic Widget Color, Skip to Menu, Skip to Footer, Skip to Navigation.

    JavaScript must be enabled on the browser.

    All in One Accessibility Free Version Features :

    Skip Links
    - Skip to Menu
    - Skip to Footer
    - Skip to Navigation
    - Open Accessibility Toolbar

    Content Adjustments
    - Adjust Font Sizing
    - Adjust Line Height

    **Color Adjustments **
    - High Contrast

    Orientation Adjustments
    - Hide Images

    **Miscellaneous **
    - Accessibility Statement
    - Dynamic Widget Color

    All in One Accessibility Pro

    All in One Accessibility Pro is a tool created to enhance accessibility & usability of any website. All in One Accessibility Pro will help over 20% of your visitor who have a disability to access your site in an easier way. It’s trusted to protect tens-of-thousands of small businesses and industry leaders alike.

    Navigating the internet is a daily challenge for 20% of the world’s population. That’s the percentage of people with disabilities in the world today, and they’re unable to access your website. All in One Accessibility Pro’s service coupled with our accessibility module enables a wide array of people with disabilities to use your website effectively, boosting your market reach.

    To make websites accessible, All in One Accessibility Pro service utilizes the accessibility interface handles UI and design-related adjustments.

    An accessibility interface for customized accessibility
    All in One Accessibility Pro’s interface provides an optimal online experience tailored to every user’s individual needs. There’s a range of seamless customization options that support multiple UI and design adjustments from content to display and more.

    How does All in One Accessibility Pro work? Automatically
    After installing the All in One Accessibility module and purchasing for pro version on our site, you’ll automatically enable All in One Accessibility pro features.

    All in One Accessibility Pro Features
    The interface is designed to address accessibility requirements relating to the UI, design, and readability of your website by enabling users to modify your site’s design to meet their individual needs.

    Content Adjustments
    This interface section enables users to adjust how your site’s content is displayed, making it as readable as possible to someone with a particular disability. Users with vision impairments, like blurred vision or aging sight, utilize these adjustments to customize your website’s content to their specific needs.

    Display Adjustments
    This section of the interface relates to colors and contrasts. People with various degrees of color blindness or visual impairments may not see your content well enough, while light-sensitive users may not be able to surf websites with white backgrounds.

    Orientation Adjustments
    This interface section offers adjustments designed to enable people with visual impairments, cognitive disabilities, or motor impairments to better orient on your website. This is achieved by providing them with shortcuts, reducing distractions and noise, and providing guiding elements.

    How to use All in One Accessibility Pro version
    Purchase and Get access key on
    Install All in One Accessibility module and put access key into its settings.

    All in One Accessibility Pro Features List

    Skip Links
    - Skip to Menu
    - Skip to Footer
    - Skip to Navigation
    - Open Accessibility Toolbar

    Content Adjustments
    - Content Scaling
    - Readable Fonts
    - Highlight Title
    - Highlight Links
    - Text Magnifier
    - Adjust Font Sizing
    - Adjust Line Height
    - Adjust Letter Spacing
    - Align Center
    - Align Left
    - Align Right

    Color Adjustments
    - Dark Contrast
    - Monochrome
    - Light Contrast
    - High Saturation
    - High Contrast
    - Low Saturation
    - Invert Colors

    Orientation Adjustments
    - Mute Sounds
    - Hide Images
    - Reading Guide
    - Stop Animation
    - Reading Mask
    - Highlight Hover
    - Highlight Focus
    - Big Black Cursor
    - Big White Cursor

    **Miscellaneous **
    - Accessibility Statement
    - Dynamic Widget Color

    Supporting organizations:

    Skynet Technologies USA LLC

  12. The DJ-AudioList plugin is a YOOtheme PRO extension that lets you create audio lists and place them anywhere on your site. It works the same way as creating default list elements in the web builder.

    Use the plugin for different purposes: a song playlist, podcasts, audiobooks, or even music charts.

    The audio list is fully responsive. You can upload and display audio files in the following formats: Ogg, Wave, Mp3

    The list of possible options during configuration is the same as in the default web builder element. You can add unlimited audio items, set the title, enter the description, and a link to an uploaded audio file. If an audio file is playing and you turn on the play button for another file, the previous one will be automatically paused.

    This plugin works with Yootheme PRO Builder ONLY.

  13. This plugin adjusts the price of product variants according to the total quantity being ordered for all variants of the same parent product.

    • VARIANT1: 3 ordered, price threshold quantity 10.
    • VARIANT2: 4 ordered, price threshold quantity 20.
    • VARIANT3: 5 ordered, price threshold quantity 30.

    The 10+ price will be applied to VARIANT1 as the total quantity for all variants of the same parent product is 12. However, the single quantity price will apply to the other variants as they have higher minimum quantity thresholds

    It is possible to enable / disable this functionality for different parent products and / or product variants.

    Using Joomla access control you can limit use of this plugin to selected groups of Joomla users.

  14. This Joomla extension let you download Google fonts automatically to your server and use it instead of remote one, which makes all google fonts DSGVO compliant.

    Main Features

    • Automatically download google fonts to your server
    • Automatically remove remote google fonts and use local one
    • Detect fonts added by Joomla Document API and also fonts added manually to template.
    • DSGVO Compliant
    • Joomla update system support
    • Support any 3rd party extensions that use Google fonts like SP Page Builder
    • Support any template framework like Gantry, Helix Ultimate, Sparky Framework, T4...
    • Relative URLs support
  15. JoomElection is a Joomla Extension and intended for the organization of elections in small and large scale. It can be used to manage online election in association’s administrative offices, academic delegate’s elections, or any other similar institution.

    The basic concepts are the same as in a traditional election electronic voting. All information necessary for elections organization are recorded via the component administration, this interface is accessible only accessible by the organizer of the elections.

    Main Features

    • Manage elections on individual candidates or lists
    • Record information’s about candidates or lists
    • Assign candidates to the lists, set the date and time of opening and closing of the votes
    • Collect information on voters (each voter is identified by a user name, e-mail address and password)
    • An import tool of voters list from a csv file is available with the possibility to automatically generate passwords. The voter will receive a password by e-mail
    • Each voter can vote from the front part of the site once after identification.
    • Showing results Elections percentage for each list or for each candidate
    • Voters can vote on multiple elections
    • Allow/disallow Joomla user groups to vote
  16. Lessen Code Minifier eliminates unnecessary (whitespace, comments, newlines, etc.) data without altering the original source data. With the help of this tool, you can minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using your local computer or web URLs.

    You can use either the module or the plugin contained in the package. The functionality of a module and a plugin is the same; a module can be placed in a template position, and a plugin can be invoked using the shortcode {codeminifier/}


    • HTML Minify.
    • CSS Minify.
    • JavaScript Minify.
    • Insert local files, URLs, or even copied text into the script.
    • Option to download minified script in .txt format.
    • The code viewer has a clear and full-screen option.
  17. Easy Image Caption CK adds automatically some caption to your images. It will use the title tag of the image to create the caption, in all your images directly after enabled the plugin.
    You don't have to play with html, just use the title tag on the image with the editor in your articles.

    You can use the plugin options to choose to apply the Easy Image Caption CK only on the selected images, using multiple options : all images excluded the selected ones, or only the selected ones, using css classes to target them. There are many other options that you can play with to do what you want.

    The generated source code is 100% valid HTML5 for maximum browser compatibility and smooth integration into your website.
    The captions are responsive by default, you can use them on a mobile view for your website.
    There are some settings in the plugin that let you style the captions, else you can use your own template css to do it.

    NOTE :
    This is the Joomla 4 version of the original EasyImageCaption plugin from Thomas Römer. This plugin has been stopped at Joomla 3 and Easy Image Caption CK is a "reborn" of it, it is 100% compatible with the existing feature.

  18. A module to display inline links with icons in a nice and easy way. Ideal for topbar contact details.

    You can use it to add links like what is used on this sites topbar. Contact details or other links. Possibilities are endless.

    We've added the following features
    - list text hereIcon class option
    - Open link in same or new window.
    - Hide text on small screens (show icon only)
    - Icon class option

  19. This plugin allows you to insert a Paypal donate button into an article / other content or module by using:

    You can add a suggested amount:
    {bfpaypaldonate Suggest £5}

  20. Joomla! extension that builds website design and functionality easily.

    • Easy to use and quick to build
    • Create layouts as rows and columns
    • Add multiple blocks and elements
    • Add your own classes for styling
    • Multiple ready-made presets
    • Add custom CSS and open graph tags
    • Import, export and database query tool
    • Reuse elements in multiple pages