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Greetings Joomla enthusiasts! The Joomla Community Magazine (JCM) team is thrilled to unwrap the December Issue, packed with a treasure trove of valuable insights, tips, and interviews. This month’s edition promises to be a delightful read for Joomla users, developers, and anyone interested in the dynamic world of content management systems. Let’s dive into the highlights:

Fix Helix Template language after Joomla update by updating to Helix Ultimate 2.0.18.

After updating your Joomla installation to versions 4.4.1 and above, or 5.0.1 and above, you may have noticed a sudden disappearance of language phrases in the Helix Template Options. This issue arises due to changes made by the Joomla Team in how Joomla reads and processes language files. Specifically, the issue is associated with the presence of line breaks in the language string "COM_FINDER_ADVANCED_TIPS."