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  1. The JCM Team is proud to present you the April Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine.

  2. Have you noticed there’s a new Web Authentication button on the new Joomla 4 login screens?

    It's there because of Joomla’s new WebAuthn API that allows secure logins with a FIDO certified key. So, let's take a dive into passwords, security, and WebAuthn, and find out how to activate it on your user account in Joomla 4.

  3. This month we had the chance to get to know in depth a long term volunteer, Sigrid Gramlinger, from Austria. Sigrid is a known contributor, having served in several teams and capacities, especially in the Production Department.

  4. Joomla was one of the winners of the CloudFest Hackaton with its TUF Project.

    Elisa Foltyn shared with our readers some notes about the hackaton initiative.

  5. Last month, I've read the awesome Astrid's blog post about what it means to be part of a global community, specifically the Joomla community. Being part of a global community is a huge topic and I'm not sure to have the answer, but I will do my very best to share my point of view in echo to Astrid's one ;)

    Do you have another point of view after reading? Don't hesitate to write and post it next month in echo to Astrid's and mine!

  6. Joomla did it for the 14th time! We are proud to announce that our application as a mentoring organisation for the 2022 Google Summer of Code™ program (GSoC) has been accepted with our individual entry here!

  7. Did you ever feel like you’re the only Joomla user in the village, and wish you could meet Joomlers in your neighborhood? You might join a Joomla User Group, and if there isn’t one where you live, create one. Joomla has people who can help you find, run or create a Joomla User Group. They’re called - you could have guessed it - the Joomla User Groups Team, and they’re here for you. This month the JCM has the pleasure to meet four of them!

  8. Some Joomlers might already know of Jeroen Moolenschot. He has been active for quite some years now as a volunteer in different roles. But you might also know him by using one of the extensions he builds. Let’s start and get to know Jeroen just a little bit better and read just exactly what Joomla means to Jeroen and a little bit more…

  9. The JCM Team is proud to present you the March Issue of the Joomla! Community Magazine. This month’s edition features: Nicholas Dionysopoulos published the 4th part of the Joomla 4 Performance series: Site Building Calisthenics.An article about the new Accessibility Add-ons...
  10. In the third part of this series I described how to squeeze more performance out of your site by optimizing the static media files. This month, a month later than expected due to a minor family emergency, I'll talk about putting the finishing touches which make your site more polished and professional. They mostly have to do with how your site interacts with search engines and social networks but there's also a little bit of performance to be found in there.